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Kelly Brook’s party survival tips

The model and actress shares her secrets on how she stays fit and healthy over the Christmas period

‘To have a healthy lifestyle, you need to be moderate in your approach to it and not be obsessed about fitness or your diet. It’s good to exercise regularly and be aware of what you eat – that’s how I keep on top of things. I maintain a healthy attitude to my lifestyle, but I don’t really diet. If you want to have some fun and indulge at weekends or special occasions, I don’t think you should beat yourself up over it!

The Morning After

‘If I want to relax, I have the occasional cocktail. My favourite drink is a G&T, and I like to have a glass of wine with food, but I’m not really a big drinker. If I’ve been out all night and feel dehydrated in the morning, I drink a lot of water – and coffee obviously. I’ll also do a nice scrub on my face if I feel like I need to freshen up my skin, but I think plenty of sleep, omega supplements and drinking four litres of water a day do pretty much everything you need to survive!

‘I love the same foods as everyone else... cheese, chocolate and coffee with sugar, but lately I’ve been following more of an Atkins
approach with higher protein, lower carbs and less sugar in my diet, which I think everyone should follow because it gives you loads more energy. Since I’ve cut down on sugar, I look and feel better. It’s more of a lifestyle than a diet, and I try to stick to that.

‘I love working out, but
living and working
between London and
Los Angeles can be really
hectic, and because of the
long flights, the last thing
I want to do is go to the
gym when I get off the
plane. I love to mix things
up with martial arts, SoulCycle and Megaformer
Pilates, but when you’re
travelling or working a lot, gym access can be limited,
 so I just go for a walk or
ride a bike instead – your workouts don’t always have
to be gym oriented.’