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Top five foods for skin

Keep your skin healthy and glowing with these must-eat foods.

Salmon - Packed with omega-3 fats and protein, salmon, along with other oily fish such as sardines and mackeral, is on dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone's must-eat list of wrinkle-busters. 

Berries - A range of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and so on will pack a hefty anthocyanin punch, whacking up your antioxidant levels and giving your skin a boost.

Soya - 'The hormone oestrogen helps maintain collagen, and the skin's softness,' explains nutirtionist Amanda Ursell. 'Soya milk, tofu and flazseeds are all rich in oestrogen-like substances, isoflavones. These may help balance falling levels of oestrogen as we age.'

Brazil nuts - 'These are very high in selenium, which helps block the formation of an enzyme involved in ageing, which is produced in response to air pollution,' says Ursell.

Green tea - One small study from the University of Alabama in the US has suggested drinking green tea may help reverse the DNA damage casued by excess sun and linked with both wrinkles and skin cancer. More research is needed, but there's certainly no harm in quaffing a few cuppas of the green stuff.